Guerciotti Lyra

Man I’m glad I weigh less than HMC.

yeh cool man, just rub it in why doncha.

In that case you’ll be a happy man with this purchase I reckon. Push the button

Don’t you worry. When my mate’s wife looked at the photos I took of him riding D Grade at St Kilda on the weekend, and then saw the two of you in the TDR kit, she said to him “why don’t you look more like this guy? He looks pro.”

luckily going anaerobic and blowing up doesn’t show up as easily on film.

Perfect white socks on the other hand…

(sorry for threadjack Steve. You should totally buy that frame.)

Solutoin Steve what happened with the degani?

It’s ok. Not great fit and ugly as sin (who said I only care about riding!). I’ll do a dry fit up tonight and show you. Geo’s all wrong (Freddy).

Actually Jez had the x-crow, and yes he cracked it, but as he admits, it was 2nd hand carbon and he did do a lot of wheelies on it.

he also got a pretty smokin’ deal on it.

for that price the lyra is a decent deal, at that level its the same as a lot of other taiwanese aluminium. it wouldnt surprise me to see its the same frame as the paul milnes frames that show up on UK ebay all the time. so that is to say that it will definitely be a step up from your current bike, and it has a sweet paint job, but it probably doesnt have as much soul as its higher end siblings :wink:

i say pull the trigger… for $500 you could spend a bunch of time searching online, and you might find something better it likely wont be new.

Or, if you ride a ~58, pop in and see HMC at his work and cut a deal on a Ridley. 10 speed 105, 4za parts, smoking deal.

Is this true, James. Mates rates?

Even at their RRP it’s a killer deal that blows last years Giant closeouts out of the water. If James can cut you a better one still you’d be crazy not to grab it. On Sat there was a 52, 2x 58s & a 54 that had a no money down hold on it.

Buy the Ridley.

Ridleys have soul. Some Belgie told me that. I dig mine.

Nice to be back.


Just to reiterate: it is 9 speed Tiagra (thought it was ten speed, my bad). Brings deal from insane to good. Come in and we can talk price but. It’s a super nice frame, with a real good feel to it.