Guerciotti Tarck

So the Ken had to make way as it was just that bit too small for me, this will be mainly a street whip but will also be used at the track until the new Ken Evans arrives.
This seems a little boring compared to the plum yellow fade of the Ken, but i’m sure i’ll learn to love it over time.
Just went for a quick spin and nice and responsive from what I could tell, a little more toe overlap than i’m used to but that’ll just take some time to get used to. It’s nice not having a sloping TT for general street use too.
And yes i’m lazy with the velocity decals, really just can’t be shagged removing them.

Pretty much pulled all the bits off the Ken and put them on this, asides from a new seatpost, headset and BB.

Frame: Guerciotti Track 59.5st 58cm tt Columbus SL from my little research
Fork: Chromed Guerciotti track (need to fill in the G and smalled details with yellow, been too lazy after getting them back from the platers)
Headset: Chris King 2nut
Stem: Nitto Steel 100mm
Handlebars: Nitto B123
Seatpost: Thomson Elite layback
BB: Shimano Ultegra octalink
Crankset/Chainring: Shimano DA 7710
Wheels/Hubs: Velocity Deep V laced to high flange Phils
Tyres: Rear durano plus and front is a 20mm conti that will be sold with the ken

soooo soooo sooo nice. love it.

Wicked. Just pour some boiling water on the stickers, they peel right off.

Man, ha, how have I never thought of that…

velocity stickers match the guerciotti stickers =)

nice build dude.

Very nice Tristen! I did really like your Ken but I still dig this!

Dammit, I’ve already voted in FOAFROTY…

looks even better than what you described to me.

Looks the Goods…

damn this is nice…

OH I LIKE THAT - Workaholics (BLAKE) - YouTube

This is nice. Really nice.

my thoughts exactly!!

nice one mate, can you bring it to DISC so we can ogle it properly? kthxbai

Aah I was wondering when this was going to show up. Looks the goods

wounds have healed so should back back racing next week Rol, and this will be what i’m racing on.

superb. we’re not actually at DISC next tuesday (13th) by the way, it’s at harrison street… everyone hold their line!!!

Oh how come? And I am looking forward to seeing what the campy Pisa wheels look like on this beast

can’t remember the exact reason, BWK website just says DISC is unavailable…

So clean, loving this build.

Are you in Sydney? My LBS has a frame like this for sale.

Looks really good mate. Very well put together.