Guerciotti Tarck

^yeah… what he said.

Leave the stickers on they cover the butt ugly joint of a deep v.

Super nice. Paint is in amazing condition, is it original?

Any reason for the ourys on top instead of bar tape?

thank you god. i thought it was just me. makes your handlebars look like they have bushy eyebrows.

You’ve got to be happy with this build. Does look the goods.
How are those Ourys feeling on the bars?


The ourys do the job, getting sticky though, but wanted something other than bar tape so I could vainly get as much shiny chrome visible. And since then I just haven’t been phased to change them, until they’re shredded they’ll be sticking around.

That looks the business. Understated shinyness.

Also, this means i’ll have to put in some garage-time this weekend… Maybe early next year the Ken and this can both be seen @disc? Who knows :stuck_out_tongue: