Guerciotti track

So, so nice…

Guerciotti track frame (eBay item 150617127448 end time 17-Jun-11 20:35:52 AEST) : Sport

It took a lot of willpower for me not to just splurge and try and buy this. But fuck, if someone has the money to burn, I’d say go for it.

.I can post australia wide but i have to go through pack and send which will cost around $150 this is to big for australia pos

bullshit, cost me $65 through pack and send to ship my fuji to Sydney.

Totally. I got my McBain(?) shipped from Adelaide to Syd for $15. Australia Post goes by weight rather than size.

$15?!??!? how was it packed? i sent a frame via auspost and cost me about $60 with insurance/registered.

It was packed with the forks in the middle of the frame, tubes bubble wrapped and surrounded by cardboard and the headset in a zip-lock bag. I don’t know if it was insured, but I do know it was labled as a ‘small item’ which caused some confusion at the post office.

Or maybe Mariano just paid for most of the postage?

I posted a frame (and forks) from Adelaide to Melbourne for $25.

i keep forgetting that posting a frame from westcoast to eastcoast is probably pricier then adel to syd/melbs/bris…=(

Auspost have girth restrictions. Can’t remember what it is exactly, something like 120cm.

Best to use transdirect or e-go. Shipping Melb to Syd should only be about $20 for frame only. Full bike on dimensions of about 100x70x30 is about $45.

Hopefully this guy is taking a swap for the eddy merckx frame and forks i have. glad it didn’t get any bids, i thought $800 was a bit rich.

I knew it wouldn’t. I was gonna wait it out and offer 600 max, but I ended up buying old pugger’s frame instead. By the way, I’m in Sydney so I can check it out if you want - I have the guys number

Thanks dude, I’m hopefully heading up there for work-but I just might take you up on it.

is this the frame @ Europa? There is one exactly the same in there… the guy wanted 2g for it… lol

No worries man, just let me know. I kind of want to see what $800 of steel looks like anyway