Been here a while but never posted my bike.
Here’s my ride before couriering took it’s toll

1970’s Guerciotti - powdercoated and new decals.
Campy Pista Record cranks
Campy seatpost
Campy Record hubs on Mavic rims (rear hub now trashed)
Cinelli Volare saddle (now trashed)
Campy seatpost
mks pedals
nitto bars and stem
strong v grips (now trashed)
Aero Gran Compe front brake

All bought back in London and brought over with me.

Was originally planned to be all Italian and period correct, so had Campy pista pedals and Cinelli track bars and stem, but they weren’t comfortable so had to go.

My friend in Milan rides one of these, they’re very, very nice.


Thats Glenelg yah?

Sure is.

What’s ashcan?

@ Samuel - It is very nice to ride.

I bought the frame, cranks and seatpost from a bloke who had it sitting in his garage since his son had outgrown it.

Looks good… then.

Not sure about it now. :wink:

It WILL look good again!

When I get around to it.

Nice ride. Hope to see it in Melbourne one day.

lovely bike man.

shame you had to lose the track drops but i know what you mean, if you’re spending serious hours in the saddle it’s probably not the most comfortable of set ups.

hope to see it back in its former glory soon.

Ahhh that was you I saw on Hutt st tuesday I reckon, heading nth across Angas.I was one of those 4 lazy arse council workers standing chatting in the median/garden bed.nice bike man

looks like some serious gear inchs there… what ya runnin?

^^^ true that, i like the big gear :slight_smile: