Guidance Required - Crank BCD for SS

Hi Guys,

I’ve had a little search of the forum and couldn’t find any information which helped me so i thought i’d ask the question.

Quick Background: I’m a roadie with a plan to build a SS as a side project to run up to the shops and do some strenght training on! Plan is to use a Cannondale Capo, however I’m not sure what BCD i should use!

Do i go Standard 130mm, Compact 110mm or a track option of 144mm? Would it matter running a 1/8 or 3/32 SS chain on a 10 spd chainring?

I plan to use either a 46/48/50t on the front and any of 16/17/18/19t on the rear.

I look forward to hearing some advice form you all to guide me to a decision.


Depends on how much you want to spend i think. If you’re planning on using those gears i’d go 1/8"th, 144bcd, then you can use track parts. Road (130/135/110) bcd’s mean (slightly) cheaper chainrings, but the whole reason track cranks are 144 is so they can support a larger ring such as what you’ll be using.

Running a 1/8th chain on a 3/32nd ring will be a little noisy, and would look silly on a 10 speed ring.

Cheers Spud.

I’ve noticed the posts directing people to and these are a definite possibility for any BCD meeting all chainring sizes.

Is it a budget build? If so, I would go 130bcd because you can get good quality Shimano road cranks very cheap secondhand. Good track cranks are all expensive, at least compared to road cranks.

On the other hand, used Campy cranks are pretty common too and if you get chainrings from CU you can have whatever BCD you want.

I don’t think you’ll notice any practical difference between 130, 135 or 144.

Hi Snowflake.

Well it’s not a budget build. (I’m planning to buy a set of Force double tap levers and pull out the internals, not the cheapest option out there!!!)

I’d like to keep cost down however, so i’ll be looking for bargains on ebay/online stores and via the good ol’ LBS. I’ve narrowed it down to 130 or 144! Got a feeling i’ll go down the path of Sugino or FSA.

Any other brands i should investigate which i might not be aware of being a newbie?

Have been riding Sram Omnium cranks(made by truvativ) of late since my bike with sugino 75’s was hit by car. They have ridden quite well.

Not sure what they retail for, outboard bearings, 2piece crank design, no faults so far and ride great.

anyone have other or complimentary thoughts?

If money isn’t a problem (to an extent) I would get whatever cranks you think look the best. At the price point you’re looking at they’re probably all good quality.

I’ve had several kinds of Campy and Shimano road cranks and I’d never tell the difference between them in performance. Get wahtever fits your aesthetics.

Campy cranks however can be difficult for SS/fixed because there are limited BBs available depending on the chainline you’re after.

May I ask…why :?

Indeed. For that money you could get a pair of Campy Record carbon aero brake levers and still have plenty of change.

I’m guessing he likes the look or finds the SRAM levers more comfy. Fair enough either way.

yeah fair enough for sure. I was just curious and googled them

they are nice looking levers, but $900 RRP, whoa.

(ps, they are currently $350 on clearance at Torpedo7)

Whatever you end up doing, please post pics