Another class act

Remanded in custody pending sentence. Watching this one to see what penalty is awarded.

I’m watching. Between this one and the other fellow who murdered someone in Footscray, I hope that our judicial system starts to take notice of the fact that cyclists are people too and killing them is bloody horrible

I feel bad for starting the other thread to lolz at shitty drivers. There is a deadly consequence for people who underestimate the danger of cars and responsibility of driving. It’s almost always someone else paying for their fuck ups, be it cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, or even the kids in the back seat.

“In 2007 and 2008 Maher – at the time a registered but suspended nurse – infiltrated some of Melbourne’s leading public and private hospitals to remove intravenous pain-relief drugs from patients, including a dying woman, to support her heroin addiction.”

Not a shitty driver; a general shit