Gumtree - Shogun Alpine GT - 56cm?

Good deal for the aspiring beardo. Too bad I’m looking for a 60cm.


I might go have a look at this tomorrow.

This looks interesting: Shogun road bicycle !!! STOP AND READ PLEASE!!! | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Port Phillip - St Kilda

hmmm, join the dots.

Aint gonna be calling him then.

Yeah, seems a bit strange all around. A friend’s bike ended up on Gumtree a couple of months back and he involved the police and had it returned within a day. I guess that’s the benefit of reporting the bike as stolen - it gives the police a clear case to act upon.

I think I saw this bike whilst riding up stkilda rd today. It had a cardboard ‘for sale’ sign on it…

where along st kilda rd out of interest? will keep an eye out during work

I’ve seen this at show ground Coles a few times in the past.