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I do not want but i know plenty of people on here that would.


don’t we have a rule about spinergies? involving a picture of grant hackett?

Obligatory Grant Hackett-Spinergy fail image.

… it’s a trap!

look like clinchers too

I’m new here…

thank you andy.

Ask John Kennedy about his Spinergy.

Do not want…

And just for good measure:

all damage aside, i still love these wheels :open_mouth:

Ive had 3 sets over the past 11 years and never a drama.
Use them as intended, like racing, (when you were allowed )
and not jumping over gutters on a fixie etc, then Im sure you wont have a drama.
If you used the appropriate ones for your riding, Blue/Yellow or Red then im sure there
wouldnt be a problem.

As always with age, things will fatigue. They are not brand new for ever.
They ceased manufacturing in 99/00. Do the math.

Its all good and well putting up pics of used broken flogged out wheels
and saying they are shit because they had broke after years of use and abuse.

Hell, I stuck my whole left forearm through my front one doing 35-40kmh
(adjusting speedo mount, hit cats-eye. ** do not attempt this )
and didnt even damage the wheel, killed my arm and dragged my face along the bitument for my efforts.
I thourght I would have a nice carbon blade sticking from my forearm though.

In closing, because there are all these pics of broken ones, and negative comments,
I will post some of some good ones.

Plus if they were good enough for Cipo, then they were good enough for me!

just cos.