Has anyone brought any bike bits of gum tree before? is it safe? The seller is interstate. Can I trust them?

If I get funked up, is there a way to get my money back or do I cut my loses?

From what I understand you cannot get a receipt like you do with ebay.


I have never used it before… But a quick look through here (Gumtree Help Desk) should provide more info.

I assume that it would be safe, seeing how you will have to register your details to join and such…

cheers mate!!! i will have a browse now!

I’ve used Gumtree once before. About 2 years ago. It’s OK. No trouble.

was the seller interstate?

as with most trading sites, ie tading post, carsales etc, its buyer beware.

No feedback like ebay etc, it is a free site so ay scumbag could be on there.

having said that, ive used it, but not interstate.

i’ve used it interstate but i had a mate check it out and pick it up for me. i did deposit the cash directly into his account but i suppose my mate knew where he lived…

not sure if i would’ve had i not known someone that could check it out for me. too easy for them to get your cash and never send it/reply to emails etc…

you don’t know someone that could do that for you?

Ahh I couldn’t remember whether it was interstate or not. But I remember that I bought from a proper shop.

nah no one, i even tried asking my friends to see if they had friends from there. no go.

i told the guy that i would deposit 1/2 of what the item is worth into his account and the other half on delivery.

he was cool with that, and his email seem legit.

i even got my friends to read it and they said he sound pretty genuine.

well if you’re happy that it seems legit then go for it.

good luck with it

get postal insurance, and a registered option, so there’s no chance of it “going missing in transit”

done and done…

Western Union? In Australia?


guy is in italy now and he left the item with his brother who is in sydney, i agreed to pay 1/2 now and the other 1/2 when the item arrives…he agreed!

what do u think?

go for it man.

I wouldn’t touch it. Where in Sydney is this Italian brother? Maybe one of us could go check out said item/pick up/whatever if it’s nearby someone’s abode.

its in Blacktown brother. I don’t even know where that is!

It’s not overly far from my place. Maybe let him know that someone might be able to come and check it out, see how he reacts. I might be able to check it out.

Gumtree AU is a haven for scammers. Which is unfortunate because Gumtree in the UK is fantastic.

Typically the scam on Gumtree is the other way around though. You try sell something, and they contact you saying they are overseas but want to buy it. I didn’t think anyone ever fell for it until I talked to a guy I was going to buy a car off the other day, who lost $1000 a few days earlier to one of them.

I’d definitely be bluffing and saying I’ve arranged for a friend to have a look at it on my behalf, and see how they react to that arrangement.

I did send the person a BLUFF email last night using my other email addy with a different name, he replied this morning that the sale was pending and would get back to my BLUFF name if the sale falls thru.