gw bush has a moots, parlee, baum...

He’s defantly a cyclist

Did you drop this Jono?

Sugarkane = GW Bush fanboy?

No, I have both of mine still here.

Depends if he has been to the toilet yet today.

Na he’s a dick

Just looking for the truth!

And responding to cheap shots from the hobbit


It might not be his profile… He’s heavy into the MTBs and seems to ride treks mostly

Might have changed it up though… And by all accounts he’s an avid cyclist…

I remember reading he’s a Niner fan too.

bikesnob wrote a bit about the time GWB and LA went for a ride together.

sweet fixie, g-dub…

pixels etc

So there you have it folks: bikes are so awesome you can be the worlds greatestest living nincompoop/idiot/anti-christ and still enjoy bicycles and cycling.

He can ride all the bikes he wants, doesn’t change the fact he’s a prick with blood on his hands. Sorry to sober the thread up guys…

No ones disputing that cuz

^ that’s ok, I can make it funny again:-

clearly a shoop. no self-respecting MTBer wears cargo shorts that tight.

Have we forgotten Tony Abbott? Cyclist and still a major dick.

Yeah good call

I couldn’t care whether they are dicks/presidents/politicians/bananas in pajamas… they still ride bikes, and that is cool.