Gypsy won a race

i know…that’s the beauty of it!

Gypo popping up all over the place,

Emi Brown Pre-Alleycat Face

Via PEDAL Consumption

Yeah in Indonesia on tour with the Leader Team, Patrick Pedal Consumption and Chas from Mash. We just flew to Bali today and coming home on saturday morning. Might have a small edit if we can get enough footage together…

where in indo was this held?

i’m recently back from jakarta and central java and the traffic there is next level crazy.

Is that the new bike Gyp?

Downtown Jakarta dude. It was farkin mental. We raced in all that traffic. So many race formats aswell, from 8am til 8pm. It was a huge day with about 2,500 people at the venue.

No, racing on my max frame.

fucking hell gypsy. i’m going to have to start telling people that i know you.


not only is the traffic mental, but the potholes add a whole another dimension to the roads.

I tried to tell my wife that I “knew” him. Didn’t impress her much. Sorry Gypsy!

^ I thought we were all family here?

holy snapping batshit!

kudos to you, jakarta is chaos!

Did you have the magic saddle on?

Yes. I guess thats what did it for me, the UCI illegal saddle!

Peak 2011 in this post

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