gypsy's blog.

gyppo, you’re a fucking rad dude. i’m looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.


pretty cool Dan

Gypsy looks hot in daisy dukes

p.s. I want a samurai top knot

Thanks xBBx! Yeah i’ve been slack in the past. For the amount of travelling i do, i should have had a blog ages ago. Just an outlet to unleash pics and random shit. Still currently in San Diego and still got 6 weeks in the states so expect it to fill with plenty of content.

Following as of… now!

Ah tumblr, the easiest way for viewing and creating/displaying shit. Following.

Latest pics are awesome, enjoy the trip Gypo

Was one of the best days on the bike today. Plenty more action to come. Got a few photo’s to upload from the last couple of days in San Diego. Sunday i’m flying to Portland.

Portland fucking rules.

I only have iPhone 3G so havnt seen it dodo come tomorrow so I’ll check it out.
Probably not missing much though am I.
I’m doing a riverloop in the morning then going to work like a slave.
You jealous haha.
Have fun you need a pick up from airport then straight to swap meet to sell that wheel

I like that I already featured on his blog. I am ze king.

RecFail: Shooting the Gypsy (Prolly Is Not Probably)

God he’s so famous now!

Yo clear ya pm’s legend.