C-Record gear.

  • Headset
  • 2 x Sheriff Hubsets
  • Seat post
  • Bottom Bracket Pista

Zipp 440

Legit track full carbon 650c Front Wheel

Cinelli bars

  • MORE…

First lot is up and the second lot will start tomorrow evening…

la.dolce.vita.89 | eBay

Giz us yr Zipp softride.


How much do you want for the post? PM me.

Holy shit Gypo, that’s some pretty amazing stuff you’re unloading there!
Not one, but TWO sets of Sheriff star hubs!

Gotta get the money going into the other builds that matter. Really wanna finish my Zipp 2001 multisport.

Everything is online. C-Record gear and Zipp finishing tomorrow.