Gypsy's Ebay Lot #2 [Zipp, Cinelli, Columbus, Look, Campagnolo, Keywins]

My second lot of parts i am clearing out.

la.dolce.vita.89 | eBay

Lemme know if any of you guys are going to have a bid. Can get more photo’s on anything, just ask if you have any questions…

BIN on the badged stem?

Had $375 BIN, but someone had a bid.

dang, looks like the road version

Bidding on the superbe bb gyp!!

ps: that gilco stem aka pinnochio. i’m looking for one in 90mm…

how’d you like the keywins, gyppo?

might try for that cinelli gilco stem.


Yeah liked them alot. Really good solid base for climbing i found. I had 2 sets and gave Antmandan the other for track and he loves em. Only getting rid of these because i run Time Atac’s on the tarck/street set up. Currently building a new roadie and will put fresh pedals on it, still deciding what i am going to run though.

i’m not gonna bid - it’s license buying time, so i’m skint - but i hear increasingly good things.

If i had another pair of shoes for track id bid.
Im going speed play on the new roadie i think,
Any one used the speedplay track pedals.

Decided to keep the Keywins. Going on the track bike!

i use speedplays, i reckon they’re great

Literally just missed those profile bars by like 10 seconds cause I was busy playing battlefield… Would have payed way more than that, too. UGH. Video games ruin lives

lol what up cinelli badged stem

Now the fun starts. Gotta deal with OS shipping and people who think its okay to pay the ‘way to cheap’ shipping price ebay comes up with and not what i have advertised.

Marty beat you for that 440 Azz. haha

suntour bb is mine cheap!

haha yeah…was thinking…do i really need this oh no someone out bid me. sweet i at least its coming over to this side! gypsy supplying perth with the steez