Gypsy's FBM - Finally Complete -

Hello gents and ladies of the forum,

This is my latest build finally got my forks today. This build is the product of all my wheeling and dealing over the last 6 months. I have been waiting months and months for the forks, even though they were promised to be here weeks and weeks ago. Anyways I am very very happy with the final results! I finally have a bike which i am pretty certain is BOMBPROOF! The Colnago is now resting after getting alot of recent thrashing on the streets of Brisbane. Thanks specifically to;


Frame & Fork:
FBM ‘The Sword’

Profile BMX Cranks
Profile 44t Chainring
Ti BB Spindle
MKS GR-9 Pedals
Plastic Double Gated Cages
Leather Doubles (May upgrade to TOSHI Doubles)
Izumi Chain
NJS 17t
NJS Lockring

Velocity Deep V
Custom White Velocity Hubs
Vittoria Rando 28c’s

Fsa Headset
Profile BMX Acoustic Stem
Atomlab Bars
Animal Edwin Grips

Thomson Seatpost
Concor Saddle

Total Cost for the build after alot of wheeling and dealing was just on $2000 with the bulk costs being the FBM handmade frame and fork! I’ll get some more pics this week when i get my hands on a good camera… Any questions just swing me a PM!

Is naice, saw Erics smorn and those forks look the tits.

Looks great, the forks are my favourite part.

It may have been a fair bit of money, though I’m sure we can all say it was well worth it. Looks tip-top =)

Its looking nice gypo. The fork looks pretty thin what sort of warranty do you have with it?

they are fairly thick up near the crown and thin down near the axle. They may look abit skinny in the pic but the are pretty beefy bits of 4130 :slight_smile: i’ll get back to you on the warranty. Fbm are known for being one the strongest frame builders.

Sick bike, would have been nice to see the Profile hubs too…?

Would of liked to. But couldn’t justify getting profile hubs. Dollar was pretty shit when i was ordering most parts. I mean i could of got em but I weigh 60 kgs and i have faith the hubs i got, that they won’t self destruct.

and besides, profile hubs break from only doing a few 180’s :frowning:


what size frame?

FBM come in three sizes. I got the small @ 53cm sq.

how long did unicoatings take to do your stuff…Ive been waitin 3 weeks for my frame to get coated!!! :x :x :x

5 days for me.
Dave got his frame done last week.
Dropped it in Monday and picked it up Friday.
Call them, they mite have lost your number.

yeah…called em a few times…was told I could pick it up today …drove an hour in traffic…not ready

Hey w,

To bad about the paint :evil:
It is well worth the wait, great job thanks unicoatings!


Excuse my ignornance please but is your frame a bmx, track or road frame originally?

Its a track frame built by a BMX company.
I built it up with some BMX parts.

cool because I looked up their site and could only find bmx frames

it looks great btw