Had it for a while, thought its time I should post it…

So here it is, my Cinelli Mash

My Bad,

Frameset: Cinelli Mash
Handlebars: Deda Elementi
Stem: PRO Vibe 7s 100mm
Seatpost: Campagnolo Record
Headset: Columbus
Bottom Bracket: Phil Wood Titanium
Cranks: Campagnolo Record 165mm
Chainring: Campagnolo Record 48T (additional ones for the track)
Pedals: Time ATAC
Chain: SRAM
Wheelset: Campagnolo Pista (Thanks Alex)
Saddle: Starfuckaz from Saint Clouds (Great Saddle)
Tyres: Conti Sprinter / Tufo for the Track
Cog: 18T 1/8 Phil Wood (additional ones for the track)

you can hardly see the picture, but buy the descriptions it seems like a great bike

i can see the picture fine. i can also see the more than fine bike in the picture. Love that Wheelset on it.

thats a hawt mash you got right there

Having a crack at the competition Hermes? :wink: Those rims are nuts.

What was the first picture taken with, Diana? Holga?

i believe it’s the Hipstamatic on the Iphone. doesn’t take away from the awesomness though!

tubs on the road?
bad boy would be boss on the track!

if that was mine, and i had the cash
i’d make everything i could campagnolo/cinelli, even if i had to put up with a cruddy unicanitor
but nevertheless
so so nice

Yeah +1 i love it those wheels are straight porn.

Want so bad!

thats a sick bike mate!!

i had a unicanitor on it for a little while, but found it quite un-comfy on the track…it has now found a good home with user b-rad!

rideperth - yeps tubs on the road, they ride great. She only comes out on special occasions :smiley:

this is the bike that made me get an alloy frame.
Looks better without the aerospoke/b43 combo. Nice work dude.

Hey! Were you riding this on beach road this evening?

very nice rims you got there mate! :slight_smile:

this is a bike an a half.

Mash’s might have been ‘done to death’, but this is certainly one of the best.

Really tidy, I like it!

Had a good laugh at the photo progression too!