H plus sons F30 ERD

anyone know? or have a set? cant find squat on the f30’s with google, only the sl42’s

F30 : H PLUS SON ???

ive got some in high polish you can buy off me, no longer high polish though as they’ve seen a bit of use, still work and run at 100% i just de-laced them coz i wanted to use the hubs for somthing else. pm me

will sell cheap

He wants the ERD not a set haha

nah its not on their site

thanks anyways but ive already ordered some, just trying to find the ERD so i can work out spoke length needed

E: hplusson@hplusson.com

^^ yeah i spose i shoulda just done that in the first place.

ok so the guys at h plus got back to me saying erd was 580mm. this seams like a kinda round number and maybe suspicious?

i have read on forums the 42’s have 577mm, one would thing they would be the same right? or no?

3 mm might not make a difference over all the spoke length calcs Red.
Have a crack using 577 and then 580 amd see.

Spokes can be 1-2mm +/- in the final calculation without a problem I’ve found.

MMMMMMM might just leave it till rims arive, dun want to get it wrong. this build taking forever…