Ha ha...!

WTF… why would you pull a move like that in the wet?

Erk. I can’t imagine the car behind could have stopped in time.


Is he wearing a helmet or just a cap? As blakey said looks like he woulda’ got bumped by the car behind him

For sale: one slightly used aerospoke.

Actually the Aeropoke survives!
I want to know what happens 2 seconds afterwards…

The guy in front shits himslef when he hears the bang

NOBR AKES in the wet: when you skid you die.

I’m assuming thats why the vid cuts off. Where did you get this from?

no helmet, no brainzzz

Kinda looks like he has a helmet camera…

Nope just his hoodie like the slightly less stupid person infront of him

surely that’s a rhetorical question, no?

Darwin Award nominee for sure…

I have seen this somewhere before, I think it’s in Holland somewhere…

Yeah it was on a Dutch television program that was taking the piss out of fixed gear riders. Can’t believe someone would try to pull a whip skid like that in the wet. Showing off for the camera and ends up looking like a fool.

Yeah, brain snap right there, in that traffic it’s suicide.