half-hartidly looking at track wheelsets.

i like
Oval Concept Carbon track wheelset | eBay

and… not the cheepest, but still looks nice

… fail edit link :frowning:

… oh maybe not

the new timer: Bessie.

hey red, what you “need” them for? actual track riding… or do you want those williams wheels cos they got a pic of them on your bike? haha and i read that bessie article, and yeah, if your gonna get tubs, get campy pistas, unless you really want deep arse rims i guess, whats wrong with what you’ve got?

^^^ lol

just need to look sick while pushing my bike to get coffee.

and dont want mass deep, just deepish…

dont mind the pistas, but fucking LOVE these(and the cheepest ive seen them for a while)


shitballs, thats big dollars, but they are rad, and they look boss… do it. or get cheapies and sticker em up… i can bang out the files for you

tubulars though? on the street? didn’t you see the pantsing that dude with the dodici got? do you want to get the same dressing down as him? haha you uber hipster you, we should walk our bikes together, i’ll whack the disc in

yeah tubs are a big deterrant and the only reason i havnt bought these badies earlier.

would i still get “pantsed” if i drill holes for a front and rear break to negate the need for whip skids?

or i could just foot on the back wheel stopsies shit yeah?


create thread and sticky…

Agreed. Quite possibly the best buying advice for track wheels like, ever. Big call given how impenetrable your blog usually is… :wink:

What I find baffling is how come the Pista doesn’t function the same as the Shamal- ignore the black paint and they’re basically the same rim and hub, right?

I don’t think so, I don’t the the exact reasons why but i have ridden both and shamals are noticeably stiffer and roll smoother. Maybe the hubs were just serviced and set up better for the rolling part, but the spokes aren’t identical so the older bladed ones could be the reason for the added stiffness.

you do it! i’m all for shameless self-promotion, but that crosses a line, even for me.

Silver is shiny and always faster than black ano’d parts. The shiny microns vibe with more passion.

can’t ride shamals slowly, you’d look a douche, so you ride faster.

At the risk of sounding like an arse, would Campy Pistas be noticably better than say Miche Pistard tubulars? I’m curious because I’ve run Miche hubs for years and they roll pretty nice (ok, probably not like Phils, but still nice) and the Pistards have what looks to be a 30mm+ rim profile and Sapim spokes (similar weight to C. Pistas).

So my reason for asking is that these days you can get a tubular wheelset for less than what the hubs alone cost 2 years ago (I saw some for $220 landed today). I mean for that price I could go out and buy myself some ceramic bearings and have them rebuilt with bladed spokes and still be better off than had I bought a set of C. Pistas.