Half link chains?

I need a half link to get my wheel and tire into an optimum position in the frame. I don’t want to run a single half link as I think the fit is a little dodgy.

Basically are the half link chains noisy and any other reasons not to run one?

Theres nothing wrong with running a single half link in a chain. no problems at all

Full halflink chains suck. I’ve never run them on my track bike, but have on my bmx and they eat through drive trains and stretch forever.
I have run a single halflink on a regular kmc chain multiple times and had no issues.
I found that using one shadow half link with a regular chain works better than some of the other single half links you can buy because of its shape.

Yo Hugs, maybe try Little Black Bike for a half-link. They have them at Stupid Elliotts, but they’re crap.

I ran a half-link chain when I was a noob, they are awful - stretch far more as there are more links. If you are worried about optimal position, this is going to be a problem for you. As stated by Shortsie, there’s nothing wrong with a single half link. People have been running them for years on BMX’s, which are subjected to more drivetrain abuse than you might think.

Running a chain with a half link is no big deal. I’ve done it on both fixie and single speed and never had a problem. Always keep it simple.

hmmm… after reading this thread i realised my last day of looking at half-link chains was a waste… i for some reason thought they were stronger than a standard singlespeed chain. i appologise for being stupid and a noob.

well… i guess i wont be buying a half link chain now… :frowning: