halleluah for this!


This is awesome. You will love it. No more… “I wonder what my bike will look like with _______ on it”



still good though, haven’t played around on it in a while.

your about 2 years old in fact.

Yeah. i figured it wouldnt be brand new. I just thought i would post it for people who didnt know it existed. Like me before today.

i didn’t know about it. i have a set of green deep v’s in the shed i wanna build something around. there goes my day!!!

nice work


Thats great fun, I always wondered if something like that was around. Thanks for that :slight_smile:

no problem guys.

think thats fully wicked wait till you see this!!!

think thats fully wicked wait till you see this!!!


wooow!!! where do you find this ?!?!? awesome!!!


joke apart, still good to watch it every now and then :slight_smile:

Ill raise you one trials rider, for another trials rider having a crack at fixies.

that was sweet. those are they guys we need to take fixed gear riding to the next level.

tell me ive blown the joke cause this shit is too sarcastic for me i dunno if you be talkin truth…tell me are you funny?

Yeah, my sarcasm dosent translate well at all in text.

…points to you son… :wink: