super nurdy but anyone on here play halo 3 online? :oops:

i do, but haven’t renewed my subscription recently, i just play go to my nerd friends houses to play online…every tuesday. :lol:

Hey guys ydo you know why they call it an xbox 360?

Cos you will turn 360 degrees and walk away :wink:


I play go at my nerd friends’ houses too.

wait wha

prolly ][ do you know why did they called it a dreamcast? me neither

Hahaha. poor trev.

Shit i’m not the best with angles, but wouldn’t that mean you’d be facing it again if you did 360 degrees? :wink:

sweet, i knew there’d be a couple on here.

get your friend to ad me IIdamaclesII

what’s his/your highest skill?


Was thinking the same thing…

his is 41. i’m only 14. he tends to carry the team tbh

I’m not even gonna bother explaining that joke, some will get it tho :wink:

Cursedxxx is my gamers tag but I havnt played in a while

I used to back when I had a gold account. srsly f**k Halo 3. Batman AA = game of the year

yo im really happy for you and ima let you finish,

but Uncharted 2, Among Thieves IS the best video game of our generation :wink:

everything turned out better than expected