Halo distributor

Anyone know where to get Halo stuff in Australia?

somehow i think user: slinky** has Halo contacts.


Halo Australia ^

woops wrong person.

I would ask slinky bout this business

What do you need Red Hot Agencies brings in some stuff and is doing some more orders. If you need a hook up let me know what you want, they don’t sell to the general public but I can find out if he has has it and point you in the right direction to buy it shop wise. See my Halo wheels in the for sale section.


I’m just after (and this is going to sound silly) a Fix-T thread cover in silver / chrome.

I don’t think Red Hot Agencies brought these in try the other guys if not it may be quicker just to order from a Uk dealer.

Yeah, I might just try online.

Thanks anyway.