Handlebar steam removal

As for you who have read my other post’s i am going ahead with the rebuild… Don’t know if its going to be a rodie or a fixie as yet, all i care about is stripping it and painting the frame…

I’ve come across a hurdle as i am newb, im guessing it can be resolved with a tool but i don’t know…

I want to remove the forks and gooseneck.

Here’s 2 photos:

this is going to get ugly isn’t it…

maybe go to Sheldon Brown site or YOutube first please

you have to earn the help that folks give you here it’s not all for free

believe me, I know from experience

get a c spanner dude

you need these:

These tools are already almost half the price of an off-the-shelf bike.

I built my first bike up from scratch a few months ago, and can tell you from experience that upgrading the parts of a basic bike will result in a much better bike than building from scratch, cheaper too

Its a shitty build, do it the shitty way.

Get a flat head screw driver and insert it into one of those cut outs on the top ring (lockring), then hit it with a hammer in an anticlockwise direction.

The next two rings are just spacers so they should just slip off, and the big ring just twists off normally, if it isn’t rusted stuck.

You need to go back to basics mate.

Google Sheldon Brown or jump on Youtube. There’s tutorials for everything there.

Locking thread now.