Handlebar Swap

Sup Guys,

I have a mongoose maurice SS, been riding it for a little over a year, and now want to swap out the BMX style bars for some bullhorns.

I was thinking maybe just one of these

wiggle.com.au | Cinelli Ant Black Stem | Oversize Stems

plus one of these

wiggle.com.au | Cinelli Lola Cowhorn Handlebar | Road Handlebars

Seems to fit the dimensions of my headset, is there anything else I should be aware of?

Not really, if you have a 1 1/8 headset the stem + bar combo will work and fit straight in.

are you sure it fits onto the fork steerer properly? is it the stock fork? i have one of these and the dimensions on pretty much everything are whack.

mine doesn’t even have enough steerer for the top nut to grab properly, let alone enough to put a threadless stem on!

or am i missing something?

These are the specs i could find;

Stem: Chromoly 1-piece bar/stem, 40mm rise, 50mm reach
Headset: Tange Threadless, 1 1/8"

what year/colour is the bike?

2012, black and blue.

ah, right, well ignore me then, mine’s the poo brown 2009 version!! i think they upped their game a little after 2009.

carry on.


60mm is a pretty short stem. Depending on the length of your current stem you may find that it noticeably alters the handling of the bike, and also the fit. Most people ride somewhere between 90 and 120mm.

If the headset you’re using is 1-1/8" then that stem has the right size steerer clamp. But given rolly had problems with the amount of steerer on his Maurice you should measure yours. That stem has a 40mm stack height, so you would want a little less than 40mm of spare steerer tube sticking above your headset. You’d probably get away with about 35mm, but it depends on where the top bolt of the stem sits (it has to be on the steerer, not on air).

Thanks, I’ll double check tonight before I order it.