About 12 months ago I purchased an SE Lager. All well and good, I’m still loving it but I’m kind of getting over nearly face planting the asphalt every time I break hard on a downhill.

I suppose the issue is how far forward I am thanks to the bullhorn handlebars, so I’m looking for some new ones. I can’t decide between flat or slightly raised. Does anyone have any suggestions on which ones I should get, and where I could get them?

P.S - I’m itching to get into the for sale forum, but this 25 post rule is kind of in my way. I’m trying real hard to actually contribute rather than spamming.

btw, I know I could use the flat part of the bars, but although I’m fixed I do like access to my brakes for emergencies. Also, with regards to the suggestions, I’m talking about general experiences with flat vs raised, as well as specific components so I can Google and get pics and prices. Thanks!

I ride a Lager, and I remember those bullhorns being annoying. I have since changed from the original bars to flop’n’chops, to riserzzz, to drops and back to riserzzz again. I find a decent steel riser is pretty comfortable for the short stuff.

All your wildest bar dreams are in the for sale section, its unbelievable.

Thanks for the suggestions Trigger, glad I’m not the only one to find them annoying :slight_smile:

My rides are usually less than 5km each way so I should be sweet with risers.

iwearmoccos I know <3 I’m barring up just thinking about it.

Get risers. Nitto B201AA for straight or B259AA for some sweep.

The special deal we had on $75 Aerospokes and $229 kierin frames has run out, so there’s nothing left

Too late.

Forum gold.

SanEsteban, the Nitto B201AA looks like what I’m after. Is this your shop?

Does anyone have any experience with the Nitto B201AA, or have any other suggestions?

SanEsteban lol, glad you like my sense of humour :slight_smile:

Nah, just a link to some dude on ebay. I’ve got them. I like.

Check out NJSsupermarket.net if you want a bar + stem combo like this… exact setup I have.

Soyo grips aren’t fun without gloves though… I prefer Champs or Strong V’s.

Oh, and the Nitto stem wont work with the Lager threadless set up.

I’ve got to have room for at least one brake. I’m soft like that :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking around and think the Nitto B259AA is the way to go. Does anyone know somewhere I can get these in .au? I haven’t had much luck with Google.

Try Kookie bikes for Nitto risers.


drops ftw!


$70 for new nitto drops is pretty good, just get 38cm or whatever you think will be ocmfortable.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be able to stop quickly (means you can go faster)!


heard you get some ripper BARgains in there eh!

See here for a really good article on riser bars.

Thanks everyone for your comments and advice!

I looked everywhere for the b259aa, but just can’t get a hold of them here in .au. I did however find a b258aa.

I’m mechanically retarded, so my bike is in the shop right now. They are chopping the bars as short as possible, giving me a new front brake lever and chucking on some oury grips. Can’t wait to get it back, thanks for your advice!

the nitto 258s are basically the same as the 259s. except that the 259s have the ends welded(?) closed whereas the 258s are quite wide so you can just chop em down to whatever width you want. and the 258s are significantly cheaper because they dont have the closed ends.