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Just wondering if any of you hardened mechanics know any good recipes for getting grease / bike scum out of carpet

educational purposes, of course

wasn’t me


Hardened mechanics don’t have carpet. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’d start at google

Any carpet cleaner will do…unless ur grease is like 20 years old and full of dust and shit.

Buy a new carpet.

Eucalyptas Oil works a treat, on clothes too before washing. Hope this helps.

No point mucking around with hippy shit.

Thanks all. Will give the eucalypt a go, will smell a bit better afterwards than the shellite I reckon. </thread>

i find this works better than shellite. ymmv

I paid $80 for a carpet cleaner when i moved out of southbank… my carpet was so full of old grease, new grease, water born grease, lots of different teas and on bone colour carpet. it was absolutely not a problem, EVERYTHING came out, no sweat. when the guy was finished i asked him if he can get ANYTHING at all out, and he said that fanta is the worst thing for carpets, drinks with bright colouring like grape flavoured stuff, he cant get out. it blew my mind.

i also emptied a bottle of CyclArt touch up paint on cream coloured carpet in the states, I got thinners or metho or something onto it, dabbed for hours… no good. took a bit of colour out of it, but still VERY obviously navy blue/purple with a defined edge.

I’d get a cleaner in if its a big deal… it becomes a little deal very quickly.

i’m excited.