Hanging shit on architects for a change...

There is something incredibly smug about this:

Bicycles stored on a pulley system in house atrium by Tribe Studio

For a change?

…‘Explores the poetic potential of the rawest pragmatism.’ … may be pushing it a little. I guess that cross bike never gets wet or dirty.

Yeah I could see myself hoisting that thing up and down each day.

haha drozzy, I preferred your unedited response! :slight_smile:
Bit of tongue in cheek thread in response to the original ‘Industrial Design wank’ thread…

Sorry, a bit of unwarranted vitriol based on a current situation - thus the edit. Think of it more as a momentary, ephemeral vent.

FoA…so much more articulate and erudite than the surf/boardsports forum I have to engage with in my other life.

I like the idea of the pull storage system, but kinda a odd space they have put it.

What’s to stop the bikes from swinging sideways and marking those perfect white walls?


You sound like an engineer, architects are always defying gravity in their designs…

I’m sure by this stage Tribe has shares in Dulux Vivid White. Definitely saves the client fees on colour schedules.

I like it as an idea, but if they ride every day that’s going to get super annoying. I reckon fast-forward a year, and those bikes will be in the hallway and there’s going to be a light feature hanging there instead.
My 2c? There’s a weird space between the laundry and the front wall of the house there - surely that’s your spot for the bikes, then kill that void and you’ll actually have some room in the bedroom at the back.

And like at my house, the walls will have loads of black smudges at handlebar height.

as well as swirl marks from tires halfway between the floor and handlebar marks.

Doesn’t every Architect in Sydney?

Doesn’t every Architect in Sydney? Harry Seidler’s dead,you can use some colour.


haha burn

^ So good!

Just what every young family needs, a house of pure white to keep clean.