Hansom? Potential bargain, potential junk. Perth Gumtree

Never heard of the builder, but google tells me it’s South African. Might be the remains of a 531 sticker on the DT and maybe a Superbe group, although the crank looks all wrong. Could very well be hard rubbish.

HANSOM 700cc wheels Racing./Road bike. 12 speed Light frame. | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Bayswater Area - Noranda

Lekker Zef, jol.

700c, no eyelets, brazed on down tube shifters, nice fork crown… Could be worth it.

Plus it has cool lightning bolt decals

That thing has been on gumtree for months I reckon. Never clicked on it cause I thought it was a gas pipe shitter.

And when you say the name fast, you get “mmm… bop!” stuck in your head.

i banged the chick out of Hansom

could also become Hanson bike. Paging Dylan?

As far as i can tell its got accushift shifter and matching rear dérailleur, turd cranks, shitty no name headset.

The straight top on the seat cluster has always been a tell tale sign of a low end frame, or at least for this era of bike.

Does the TT look bent or is it an optical illusion because of the cable?

Someone thought it was alright…