Happy Birfday Mrs. Spirito !!!

Had some fun making a special night for my good woman:

  • Giro d’Italia from last night
  • heater on, max
  • Prosecco & Chianti
  • home made pizza & salad from the garden
  • presents
  • chocolate !!
  • Happy Birthday

p.s. Happy Birthday Daniel (??) I recall someone in Melbz is also birth day today.

… both sleeping now :wink:

Use the search function:


Ps maybe it was me you were thinking of? My b’day is the 25th.

Ah yes, Happy Birthday in a couple of hours !!!

holy crap, its my missus birfday today =)

Happy b’day to mrs Spirito!

You’ve set the b’day meal bar pretty high there, I’m gonna be hella disappointed if the missus doesn’t whip up something that looks as good as that.

I’m sure Lady Kev will deliver :wink:

Luckily the stage was cancelled so there wasn’t any interruption for spirito special time :cool: