Happy Birthday Blakey !!!!!! (warning: kitteh pics inside)

The raddest of dudes, king of cool and one of the most knowledgeable, friendliest and helpful people in the world. I’d buy you a beer but I’ve done enough driving for now :wink:

Happy Birthday bro … here’s me with some sparklers blowing you a kiss and also a few pics of Medo (the cat) who preceded Medo (the dog) and some old bike. Confusing I know but my family have a habit of calling our pets all the same name.

These might seem like cheap presents but it’s the thought (or lack thereof) that counts !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday!

21 again!

Something about the light of that sparkler makes you look more like Bruce Willis than you actually do.

Happy birthday Blakey!

What do you buy a man who knows everything?

Happy Birthday Mr Blake

buy him a (s)mug to drink his limited edition, single origin coffee out of whilst he trawls the Internet proving people wrong :wink:


Happy B’day Blakey.

May your tyres be ever fat, supple and be-fendered (be-mud-guarded sounds dumb).

Happy Bday Blakey

Hmmm…Blakey’s come down with a dose of birthdayitis? IMO it’s usually just one of those minor ailments that runs its course in 24 hours. I prescribe cake, to be administered orally, as needed. (trust me, I’m a Doctor).

Happy Birfday Blakay

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Same birthday as Blakey gives added air of authenticity.
Mrs FROG also has the same birthday as Blakey. I’m sure there is something Freudian ands deeply disturbing about this but whatever’s.
Happy birthday Blakey and Mrs FROG :stuck_out_tongue:

happy birthday blakey. for you i used the search function.

c/o the jams

Hb blky

fuck yeah Jams. I’d forgotten about that.

did lol, well played

Happy birthday smuglord

Pure gold. If I had bags of money I’d get Jams to decorate my house.

Happy birthday Blakey

Here’s a photo I got of your bike at commuter on Friday arvo.