Happy Birthday Blakey!

it’s that time of year again! happy birthday blakey!

Pic by JAMS, inspiration by xbbx.

previous birthday thread lols:



Yes, happy birthday to everyone’s favourite beardo enabler.

Happy birthday Blakey. And a sincere thank you for all your good advice over the years on FOA… now if only I listened and followed that advice…

you would never have gone into that tunnel with a shirt, and come out of it without one. and FOA would’ve been far poorer for it.

For the record, you’ve all still got it wrong on BB height.

Whats your current smug level now?

Happy Birthday mate, hope it is full of rad coffee, rad cats, rad high score on the tabletop arcade, rad eats, rad.

Happy Birthday fella!

Happy Blakeday Blakey!

Hbd ahb

Buon compleanno, AB!

Blakey Blakeday!

It’s been a pleasure to have met you earlier this year. Thanks for being rad and welcoming and smug and all that.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mate.

a comment from des is a present for everyone.

Blakey is in Port Campbell … inspecting rust … on a gas storage plant … with no internet access.

Low smug levels today.


imagine coming back to FOA after a few days, dreading all the terrible shit and spam that you have to delete, annoying questions from horatio, new cannondales from jaseyjase, five billion bandwith wasting clips from obscure post-hardcore bands in the music thread, lengthy diatribes regarding tire pressure from nik cee in the CX subforum, still no new posts in the polo/tricks/hobart subforums, bummer posts in the arseholes thread… and then you find this thread! day would be made, no doubt.

happy birthday blakey, you share one with the best person in the world (my mum). sweet!