Happy birthday kumo keith!

Have a rad day dude - may the truffles be plentiful, the dogs waggle their tails all day, the whisky be smooth and the bonfire be enough to toast a million marshmallows!

Yew! Happy birthday legend.

All the best Keith!



Happy Birthday big fella.
Looks like tomorrow night we’re celebrating a birthday and a PhD.

Happy Birthday Keith!

Oh, and Ezy finally getting a camping mat

Yes - more this.

Yeah, bon annif Keef!

Happy Birthday bro !!!

Happy Birthday Keith, here’s to many more to come!

A little something for your workshop is in the post!

Naw! Thanks guys, I took the day off at the family farm. Felt I needed a day off after some long long days in the workshop.

Went out with my crack truffle hunting team:

Hung out with this idiot, it was raining today and he wanted to be in every mud puddle

Then we set fire to some stuff

y’all have made my day

wow … is that Kin??? He’s grown so much !!

When birthday candles go bad.

The whiskey is smooth! Thanks to Luke

He is massive! crazy to think how small he used to be

Must be all the clean air and steel filings :slight_smile:

Happy birthday bud. Looks like you had a good day.

Farm bonfires are the best.

That explains the rust colour