Happy Christmas!

Just thought I’d jump on to say Happy Christmas to you all in Brisbane.

Not been on here much since moving back, things have been mental, starting new jobs and reconnecting with people. Plus I now feel like a bit of an impostor!

Hope you all have a good one, think of me shivering inside as you enjoy your cold beers and BBQs.


Merry Xmas mate, imposter you are not.

have some mulled wine or somethin for us.

Merry Christmas fellah!

Merry Christmas mate. May your op shop visits be filled with low priced Eames era furniture and hard to find metal vinyl albums.

Merry Pagan holy day…

“birth day” of the sun- god, “Sol Invictus”

I think that is the nicest wish anyone has ever had for me!

Merry Xmas mate,

You too Chris! I don’t celebrate Christmas because I’m not religious but it’s a good time of year seeing my friends and family get time off from work.

Dayne are you coming up north any time soon? We should all get together in some capacity over the break and talk shit.

Happy christmas christopher!!!