Happy Friday -Bike DIY at Home

So, hasn’t been a happy friday thread in a while.

Best DIY solutions at home, work, car etc using re-purposed bike parts.

My submissions:

Drain pipe was falling off house. Nail + Drill + Spoke.

Hanging curtains made for rails on a rod:

Hanging speakers. V-brake pad washers and spokes:

Is there anything you can’t make out of a spoke?
You’re like friggin’ MacGyver with them spokes!

Never a true-er word was spoken

Saw this idea the other day and thought it was cool.

I made this out of a spoke and nipple so that I could lace this deep dish rim up. Not really an around the house job though.

chain links pates make reasonable washers:

they are even moar betterer for stitching plastic car body panels back together, one rivet either side of the split.
of course i only use dura ace links for this purpose on my hyundai excel :stuck_out_tongue: