Happy Friday - Hot Tub Time Machine - 35mm, Polaroids and Daguerreotypes

Pics plz

paging k o…

courtesy of ko:

“I used to do drugs…I still do, but I used to too”

TC: i fkn love this photo of roly. i wanna high five that kid so hard.


would friend.

Everyone should post a pic of that time when they were a shitty teenager and got an undercut.


totes had one, but no digicams back then. cbf looking for photos.
how about no haircut since gauge1 for 2 years?

Can’t. Wasn’t invented yet.


I can see that I’m going to have to dig through that box of old photos…

also pics of mckenny pls.

No point: he hasn’t aged a day since high school.

TC: have posted this before.

Hong Kong, 95. Already a shit head

You haven’t aged a day.

martin bryant.


How many weeks ago was this?