Happy Friday, Wednesday Edition, aka Take This Job & Shove It

Wednesdays are my Fridays, so, Happy Friday!

In light of Rolly’s job satisfaction index I invite you all to tell your tales of firing fixies for finance, resigning rocket science for recumbents, severing sales for scuba instructing.


I don’t even have a particularly good story to tell here, but I know there are a lot of you out there that have switched things up, retrained, reinvented and I want to hear about it.

When/Why did you do it?
What did you do to achieve it (schooling, training, spiritual journey)?
Did it work?
Are you happier now?
What would you do differently given the time again?

In my early 30s, after 5 years in Melbourne, I traded an oil & gas engineering job that, whilst well paid, took too many hours of my life away and surrounded me for the most part with douchecanoes. In what couldn’t be described as a sideways move, so much as a demotion, I requested (fully prepared to resign if unsuccessful) a part time engineering role with less responsibility but more autonomy which gives me time to chase other interests rather than simply accruing money & grasping at a higher rung on the ladder.

It worked, apart from the instant 2-300% increase in my non work time, my general happiness improved by about the same amount, my social life is significantly better, I don’t go to sleep thinking about work or dread sunday evenings.

Given my time over, I’d push back on ever increasing workloads sooner. Always saying yes to ‘opportunities’ isn’t smart.

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Edit: I had a nagging feeling we’d done this before, so I used the google function. It sort of was.
Gene: what happened to the scuba instructor gig?

Great to read that one Blakey, and I’m hoping to read a few more. My job satisfaction, work/life balance and Sunday night freakouts have been going downhill for about 12 months now

I quit my Westpac job just over a year ago to work 4 hours a day doing outbound sales of “solar powered aircon”.

Pretty much just rocked up at work, told them I was leaving and if they tried to make me stay to the end of the day I’d just sit there and do nothing… was at home an hour later drinking box wine in the garden in 30 degrees.

The sales job was a pretty horrible job that paid pretty badly but I spent pretty much all summer snorkeling/jetty jumping/high. It put a bit of pressure on making the mortgage payments and after 6 months of solid full time I’ve only just managed to replenish the savings I took out.

Looking back it was totally worth it.

I used to work for a private ecological consultancy in NZ doing one project - basically measuring blocks of native trees all over NZ.

Was an awesome job got to see alot of NZ no-one would ever see, fly around in helicopters, jet boat rides and alot (alot) of walking. The bad side was that I was away from my (now-ex) GF for a month at a time, ditto for my friends, - I hung out with the same 3 other people for work and time off (which wasn’t much 70-80hr weeks were common). Didn’t have to work in winter and had enough money from a 6 month ‘summer’ to just muck around over winter

Also, when it rained it sucked.

My GF was kinda over Welly and was keen for a change, I had had enough of living in the bush so we moved over to Melbs, my job tried to get me to stay and offered a pay rise etc. 2 weeks after I came to Melbs the contract (from the Govt) got cancelled so even if I had stayed I wouldn’t have had a job! =win.

Now doing biology research assistant work (plant/insect interactions) and bike mechanic work, strange mix but a nice balance, and importantly for me not too much time sitting at a computer.

I’m about to take the plunge in this respect.

Worked at an ISP for almost 7 years (basically straight out of high school), not an account manager. Going to be moving back to a more autonomous job which I don’t have to worry about when 5pm hits, and chasing my dream of becoming a pilot.

what Blakey said (i’ve also worked with some of the “douchecanoes” he mentioned :P)

when “opportunity” means spending 10 weeks at a stretch living in port Adelaide working ~70 hours a week, i say fuck opportunity :stuck_out_tongue:
Well i actually did that 4 times (3 months after getting married) and it kinda helped with the deposit for my house (kinda didn’t help my state of mind though).

The next opportunity was supposed to be more of the same in port Augusta so i took a side step (Via secondment with the aforementioned douchecanoes) into a boring oil and gas office job (which was so boring at times that i actually ran my hat making business entirely from the office during office hours) which had the one advantage of fixed hours and none of them anywhere near Port Adelaide.

After a year of that i was wondering how much longer i could handle the boredom when the guy who’d hired me out of uni (and subsequently been fired because he was actually competent) offered me another oil and gas job ,slightly less boring, no more hat selling during office hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Felt real good telling the regional manager face to face (coincidentally he was in town when i last visited the office) that there was nothing he could do to make me stay on with the company :stuck_out_tongue:

whats the point of this story? i have no idea really just felt good to be done with all kinds of epic douchbaggery that occurred in my previous job as a result of being bought out twice in about 3 years

P.S. next web conference i attend at work i’ll sign in as “business cat” with avatar to match :stuck_out_tongue:

Nearly took a job there, heard it’s pretty terrible.

i had an highly sought-after ongoing job at an innercity school full of little hipsters who were going to university no matter what i did. then i left for alternative schooling, in order to save the world one juvenile delinquent at a time. i haven’t had an ongoing job since.

…but more time to ride your fixay! I’d call that a win.


Worked as a screen printer for four years whilst doing an apprenticeship. The job was okay, I enjoyed the work, but it was a family run business and the owner had his finger in too many pies so everything was pretty half assed and dodgy. Every year, in September we had to work all day Saturday (12-15hours) printing footy premiership shirts for amateur leagues. This was all paid cash in hand, never on the books. Shit like that happened on the regular. Every printer there was an apprentice, with no one teaching us, so we winged it for years. I finished my apprenticeship and quit there. I could wait to see the last of that arsehole boss. I started working at another printers straightaway. He seemed pretty good, knew his shit, small operation, more skill, bigger professional jobs. Worked there for three months to discover he was an absolute nutcase and and at that point I’d had enough working for small businesses. I walked out in Thursday afternoon after he blew up at me about something, called him on Friday told him I’d think about it over the weekend and then called him on Monday and quit. It wasn’t very satisfying, and it was scary as tuck because I had no employment on the horizon.

I managed to fall into the Government job I am doing now. The money is better, the conditions are better, it’s more secure, but I fucking hate it.

I’m constantly on the look out for a job more up my alley, but its slow going.

Due to recent staff lay-offs, seemingly incompetent new managers being hired and a large increase in workload (made worse by said lay-offs) my job has been getting me down a bit. I would like to try and find something new however i have 3 kids, a car loan and my wife is studying and only works 3hours + a few babysitting jobs a week, so my hours and penalty rates really help keep our heads above water financially speaking.

I am looking into going into News Editing but the system I have trained on is in the process of being replaced and I am not an experienced enough editor to be able to switch systems and keep the quality/speed ratio of my work up to the required level.

you rule blakeyplz.

I’ve decided, the line has been drawn, I gotta get out. whether it’s through upskilling through short courses, going back to uni, or finding another job relevant to my interests, I gotta get the fuck out.

I put the last of my remaining hope & effort into the current work situation hoping for some kind of change/improvement/hope & it just got shat on.

thanks to everyone that’s posted their story so far, may there be many more to spur me (& others) on.

just don’t jump til you got somewhere to land.

or a parachute (made of money to live on for a while)

This will probably be one of the stranger entries to this thread.
I’ve had quite a varied and unstable employment and study history since school so I think I’ll embellish.
I grew up in a pretty religious family and environment. When I finished school I had no idea what I wanted to do. I had no intention of continuing study because 12 years was enough at the time. I studied aviation for 5 years at high school through a special program but was pretty over it by the end mainly because of the stress of actually flying.
Straight out of school I got a SHIT job doing door-to-door sales for a roller shutter company. In 6 weeks I sold absolutely nothing.
We had a Christmas break and I didn’t go back. Instead I went on a christian mission exposure course for 6 months. Spent 3 months in Perth doing christian learning stuff and god-bothering people on the street. Then spent 3 months in Thailand and India doing various helping jobs at orphanages and teaching english.
When I got back I did some odd-jobs before joining the army reserves. Even though it’s technically part time I spent the first year or so doing a shitload of training so I was basically doing that full time.
I then decided to study a theology diploma, which was pretty interesting. While studying I worked a bunch of random jobs in warehouses and cafes. In the final year of study I got a job at a church doing youth work. I was also doing my gardening business part time. I left the church after 2 years pretty disillusioned at the whole christian system, but that’s another thread topic in itself.
Around the same time I got married and ramped up the gardening a bit more. That (the gardening) didn’t satisfy for very long and I was craving an opportunity to do something more socially beneficial. I applied for a bunch of social work/service jobs but soon realised that 2 years experience in a church and a theology diploma weren’t going to get me anywhere. I applied to study sociology at one uni and arts/sustainable development at another. Got accepted to both and decided to do the sus. dev. because it looked a lot more varied and interesting.
I kept gardening part time and finished the degree in 3 years with a HD average, which I’m pretty stoked about.
I then applied for a bunch of grad programs and got into the federal department I’m in now. It’s a pretty good opportunity, with lots of perks in terms of training etc. Occasionally I could see myself there long term, but I’m also pretty keen to somehow start my own thing, maybe a social enterprise, consultancy or NGO, hence the ‘own business’ thread.
Moral of the story: it’s taken me ages to find out what I want to do and how to do it, and it’s probably going to keep changing.

If it’s any help, I found a lot of businesses care more about experience than qualification, except where it’s highly technical or legally required. When applying try highlighting specific examples of experience and capability.

true! centrelink have a shitload of well qualified people on their books.

yeah, I can’t afford to financially & CV wise. I can afford to be patient if I know I’m taking positive steps to get out.

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paddlecraft. it’s a good one.