happy friday.

by popular demand.

graeme o’bree, aged 46, decides he wants to break the world human-powered speed record:

Humans Invent | Innovation, Craftsmanship & Design

the o’bree story ain’t always the happiest, but it’s always inspiring. i like people who dream big.

Whoooo Hooooo, happy friday.

YEAH!!! screw the UCI frenchies and the establishment…

I’ve just finished reading his book “The Obree way- a training manual for cyclists” very good. I wouldn’t exactly say I’ll be taking everything on board but some interesting theories none the less.

For example, sex before a race is fine so long as it doesn’t make you late for the start

The guy is a fucking nutter

But always have a soft spot for his unique bikes:

he appears to share your passion for seatposts.

It’s a time trial bike so it’s okay, not that O’bree would give a toss about tradition!

jear can i borrow the book?

gene, i’m not a coach, but if you tell me your racing goals for this year i will write you a program.

and if you don’t follow it, i will kick you in the nuts.

I imagine that’s going to be a million times more effective than ‘goal visualisation’ or some such for motivation…

Gene - I will write you a betterer training program than Brendan. Granted, it will involve a lot drinking and general fucking about and won’t actually help your racing at all - but shit, it’ll be fun.

hey, i wonder if i could get o’bree to build me a bike. that would rule.

Is there one for today BB?

no need. this thread: http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/thread22359.html

does it for me just fine.

Good point.