happy friday.

these are getting so lowbrow that next week i’ll probably post cats playing piano.

Drunk Man Sings Entire Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody In Police Car

i just sent that around the office. but it’s thursday afternoon here.
i can’t believe he got all the words. super impressive.

i guess singing is like pool and darts…a certain amount of alcohol improves ability until you start slurring and hurting yourself.

would respect a cop who wacked this dude in the head.

man i hate that song.

When I was a retarded 20 year old, I got so drunk at a 21st that no-one could beat me at pool. I held the table til about 3am, even though I couldn’t stand unassisted. Then I got on a Sydney to Brisbane bus at 6am, and the driver had to keep telling me to put my shirt back on.

And that’s why getting drunk is stupid.


I loathe queen. I think it’s cos it reminds me of a particular karaoke incident. Or it could just be that the music is shithouse.

It must have been the karaoke incident, because the music is most certainly not shithouse.

I am quite seriously the shittest dude when drunk and this song comes on.

Still do not know how I didn’t get kicked out of Charltons Karaoke Bar during my last rendition of this classic.

Plus one. Queen own.



Potentially one of the most artistic post on these forums !!!

i like queen too. fat bottomed girls has the riff from heaven.

Wait until a crafty DA isolates just the “mama, just killed a man, put my gun up to his head, pulled my trigger now he’s dead” and erases the rest.

My friend who will remain unnamed used to claim he was better at driving when he was drunk.
One time he spun out a friend’s laser, smacked it into a gutter, blew out the tire, changed it to the spare, drove it home, then in the morning they realized the amount of positive camber on the rear was a huge amount too much.
But whatevs, one time where we got kicked outta my gf’s birthday party he tried to make me get in his ute to go replace the cupcakes i sorta pushed him into, but i remembered the first story so we just walked around spewing for a bit