Happy Friday

According to https://twitter.com/cipothelionking, this is what is wrong with cycling right now:


Doesn’t really sound like something Cipollini would say…

And how is this a ‘Happy Friday’ Horatio?! this hasn’t made me happy at all. WHAT THE HELL???

horatio, you have besmirched the good name of happy friday.

Save it Brendan!!!


Pink Stink

Some girls (and guys) wanna look good /coordinated when they’re on the bike. Who cares?
They’re riding bikes.
Isn’t that good enough to be a happy Friday?

sweet colourway

I don’t do the twitter but his feed is pretty funny:


i dont get 3/4 bibs and knee warmers.

I do have an idea for one, but it’s too late to save today.

did lol…

Me too…

His twitter has some terrible comments but damn it has done gold,
The bit about American aero helmets removing mojo from the peleton, these road aero nobs are a disgrace and any one seen wearing one deserves a slap, hahaha