Happy New Year


My new year resolution is to ride more. You?

ride more. smoke no more. listen to more black sabbath.

Ozzy or Ronnie?

they were
-ride more MTB.
-eat less crap.
-gain fitness.
-lose weight.
-not make impossible resolutions.

because of the last one they became
-sit on couch
-eat more potato chips
-still be able to move by may.

so far so good!

suck a new years dick

controversial opionion. but i reckon dio-era sabbath is pretty tight. ah, fuck it. i’ll just listen to wu-tang.

hungover are we? :evil:

Happy new year guys.

As for resolutions, I don’t make em… but if I did…

1 - smoke less
2 - ride more
3 - work less

Damoh had a great idea to attach sparklers to his bike last night…

haha no. just bitter.

Ride more/learn to do stoppies

ride more, crash less

Continue to be a muppet…

Watch more Black Books, eat more potato cakes and drink more red wine.

I vow to find a perch on the roof of a CBD building to watch the 2008 fireworks then ride home up Swanston street, pissed, swerving in and out of other NYE revelers.
It was so much fun this NYE just past that I think it deserves a round two.

no meat
learn how to ride beamer bikes well
less bitching unless everyone else is doing it

crazy shit.

More riding and HTFU !

“Hate The Fucking Ukrainians”…Why do you hate Ukrainians? Nexus…