Happy new years!

Happy new years lads!

Looking forward to traveling more in Australia an riding with you all some more in 2012!

Happy new years,
How was that fire at the art centre in melb I’m standing below it.

There’s a few bdays today

4am just getting ready to go out, by ready I mean a case has been finished and I wanna see the sun rise. I’ll be one of those cool dudes who walks home when the street cleaners are out and it’ll be like a cool music video. Holy shit…

5am just got home…

happy new year

Haha the walk of shame boys,
I guess brendan and I are the only hang over free.

No, you’re not.

Just about to head out for the traditional New Year’s Morning ride :smiley:

Happy new year.
Streets were so quiet this morning - unfortunately wasn’t riding. The little one decided midnight was a good time to get up - she sure knows how to party.
Look forward to exploring new roads in Canberra with some crew up there

Happy New Year…i did 20 odd off road kms in 30 degree heat this morning, after picking up a new project for Gypsy. Un-hungover New Year’s days are great.

Went to bed at eleven, got up, hang over free, rode 90km, ate food.

Best new years day in a long time.

Not off to a good start for me.

Woke up with slight hangover was about 35 ks into a ride when I hit a bollard at 30 kph which some smuck had left about an inch out of the ground on one of the perth bike paths.

Sizeable dent in my front rim and double flatted plus very sore.

Luckily my three year old got a doctors kit for Chrissy so she’s been looking after me.

Hopefully its not an omen for the rest of the year

What have you bought now

Very few cars around, but the ones who were out i had a lot of trouble with. I yelled at a taxi for stopping dead in the middle of oxford st, and I think it woke him up. No good.