Happy tomorrow it's Friday...

Fuck work… thank god it’s Friday tomorrow

Take your shirt off

Spring Break!

Spring Break!

Put your shirt on

fucks sake, am I the only one struggling here??

Last exam tomorrow!

with what?
keeping your shirt on?

Having a cold
Not riding my bike enough

It actually sounds like my life.

But I have a shirt on.

just met my deadlines,
don’t have a cold,
am about to ride home
and have a shirt on(literal business shirt even).

Winning at life* :stuck_out_tongue:

  • i realize that probably doesn’t help you

Well, you need to rug up this time of year…

Took an early mark today and left work at 2:30 :slight_smile:

(Mostly because it’s been a busy shitfest of a week. Very happy tomorrow is Friday)

All of the above.

I get a brief respite after next Friday. Been doing a few things right on the J.O.B lately - but in doing so seem to be creating MORE work for myself…s’pose that wasn’t so well thought out.

Last day of work tomorrow for who knows how long… weird feeling.

Yesterday was Friday for me. Today is Saturday. Tomorrow and the next day are Sunday.

It’s been sweet…



Hey it’s Friday everyone.
What’s happening to this forum, we need more colour. Perhaps everyone blocking/hiding everyones comments…