Hard men of Paris-Roubaiz (vintage pics)

Some very cool pics …

Maurice Garin - Photo - VeloNews

Coppi, Hinault, Tom Simpson sporting apres-ride Rapha kit, Mexck being chased be de Vlaeminck :cool:

Great pics! Whos’ your pick for Roubaix?

Smart money is on Fabian…

Would love to see an underdog get up, but not in an anti-climatic way like Flanders the other night. After watching Hell of the North last night it’s be ace to see an Aussie up there.

Edit: I know you weren’t asking me, but opinions are like kittens: I’m giving em away.

Tough call … so much can go wrong & it’s never a predictable race.

Like always I’d like a surprise/someone new. I’d also like an Aussie to have a big crack at it too !!!

can I has Kitten?

another great shot of Roger

Roger & Eddy

^ That last photo is crying out for some speech bubbles.

so want that RDV brooklyn jersey.

Who has bigger ears? de V or Merckx?

“girlfriend … talk to the palm”

hmmm. did you have a drink the other day? did you have a lot to say?

Yeh: out of gas, out of road, out of car…