Has anyone bombed....?

Vale Street in Kelvin Grove/Red Hill?
It’s off Kelvin Grove Rd and looks mega fucking steep with NO lights or cross roads from what I saw from the car… :mrgreen:



link didnt work. try this:

fav hill for me right now is chapel hill road water tower down to indro state school. vale looks kewl though as its elevated at both ends.

I havent done vale but I’ve done hale st off musgrave rd.
Doesn’t look steep but man you get some speed up.
Best speed when I used to run a speedo was 73.8kph

Also wharf st from leichart if my favourite to bomb on a fixie especially when the reds are just right. Edward is fun too but it gets flat too quickly.
I heard the other day there used to be a girl courier who had ridden down wharf st no handed while eating a bowl of noodles.


Sankey St, off Dornoch Terrace, West end

yeah this is what I wanted to post

it’s much steeper than this looks though

theres another st off dornoch terrace that takes your down several slopes right through to the riverside…did it once…cant remember what its called though…anyone?

Near the restaurants at Hill End? If so that is Ganges and Hoogley St.

I first moved to Highgate Hill from Melbourne, everywhere I went I knew I’d be having to finish my ride with a climb home. Had Mrs Ant on the verge of tears a few times as well.

anyone else ridden UP sankey ?

yes, but not on fixed. haha.

haha yeah i just moved from hoogley…lived opposite that convinience store