Has it peaked?

Apologies for this act of geekiness but I am really bored and procrastinating at work (and I unashamadly like spreadsheets).

Looking at the trend of new members to fixed.org.au it appears that the fixed gear “craze” may have peaked late last year.

Or was it then that the trading forum restrictions were put in place

A similar graph with post counts would be interesting as well…

Same trend… there was a massive spike in members and posts in October.

Same trend for that word that is filtered to fixed gear bicycle, can’t link as my URL is being filter owened!


Maybe the hipsters have found a new bandwagon to jump on?

Nature chest tattoos.

was curious about this as well, i think they’ve now just all feld to ebay because they think they have enough info to sell their verge finds as ‘cutom fixies’

I was thinking about this very thing this morning riding to work. I’m noticing fewer conversions or fg bikes around and more vintage racers, in the inner north at least

Everyone is in the bush riding cyclocross and growing their beards for the touring onslaught to follow.

I can’t grow a beard so that isn’t an option for me.

Why do sexy girls get bad tattoos?

I can’t help thinking about how they’re going to look in 30 years…

anyone who knows me knows i have a major hard-on for spreadsheets, charts and any sort of analysis and as such i support this thread. I’d have liked to have seen an exponential trendline though.

looks like a set of deer handlebars

A friend who works in a London bike shop has echoed the same thing. Gears are definitely back in.

What…? Badass?

lol. leave off the last two data points.

Fibonacci Retracement is your friend :wink:

this thread is for dorks.

pls don’t try to make it cool with pics of girls with tattoos.