Have artistic flair, can ride for 3 hours in the evening & want to earn cash money?

Celebrating bikes in everyday life | Warm Up the City This Winter! | Melbourne Bikefest

We are assembling a posse to ride the city streets, encouraging people to see the City of Melbourne in a new light - with the help of some pretty handy wheel lights like these.

The project is part of the City of Melbourne Winter Destination marketing campaign, injecting some much needed colour and light into the dark and grey streets during the colder months. Our friends at council want to keep people cycling over winter whilst promoting bike riding as fun and easy in the city. So they came to us, and that’s why we’re calling out to you!
We require cyclists who will be available to ride on 4 evenings Tuesdays-Saturday over a fortnight (ie twice a week) from 21 June til 5 July. Each shift will run for a 3-hour period from approximately 5:30-8:30. You will be riding in a group of 8 people, with a dedicated Bikefest guide.
The riding will be leisurely with multiple stops along the way. In addition to having a blast, you will be paid a total of $400 for your time ($100 per night).
We need people who can bring a performance aspect to the group eg BMX, street, flatland, artistic cycling, tall bikes, FGFS or trials etc. The performances will take place in small areas (approximately 5SQM) such as City Square, Melbourne Museum forecourt, outside the State Library and the Arts Centre forecourt.
We also need other people who can just come along for the ride on any kind of bike, be it decorated, old, new, vintage, crabon etc. We’re looking for people to represent the whole spectrum of cycling. Apply as a group or on your own, you are sure to meet some nice folk along the way.
If you would like to be involved please contact us before close of business 31 May 2011.

Please email pip@melbournebikefest.com.au with WINTER LIGHT in the subject line, including some info on:

  • What unique aspect you can bring to the project (unique bicycle, image, tricks etc)
  • A photo of you and your humble steed (if you are a performer a link to video would be great)
  • Availability in the evenings 21 June – 5 July (Tues – Sat)
  • Contact details

Important Additional Info:

  • You will need to supply an invoice (showing ABN) to be paid. If you do not have an ABN you will be required to fill out a statement by supplier form.
    *The project will have public liability insurance however participants will be required to sign a performers liability waiver.
    *You will have [u]these lights[/u] fitted to the wheels of your bike at the beginning of each shift.
  • Please be prepared to be out in weather that could be wet or cold. We will not ride in heavy rain.
  • You are likely to be photographed by Bikefest, The City of Melbourne and probably a whole bunch of random people in the city, so we’ll also need you to sign a release form for your stunning image.
    *We will all go out for a mulled wine, hot toddie or something else warm and hearty at the conclusion of the project.

So bummed that i will be out of town for these dates.

Also that I can’t do anything with artistic flair on my bike.

Also that I can’t do anything with artistic flair on my bike.

Me also. :frowning:

If anyone would like to borrow my tallbike for this event then we can work out a beer trade. I would do it, but evenings are bad for me due to other more important, less monetary commitments.

I’m in! I love a good wheelie.

HMC is also good at doing wheelies… just ask the bruise on his hip!

Yeh can work for cash money folks!

Dont ask his sisters jeans… they’ve split up.

so this guy would do alright?

How to ride a bike without really going anywhere. [VIDEO]

This would be ACE if Mum would let me, asking her straight away when she comes home.

im down. Need some cash. email comin.