Have to share..

I just needed to post - Had a fucking grand ride to work this morning - Powered it through the traffic and have never felt so alive!!! I took a hit on monday night last week and really put my back out… back on the bike now although still tender…

The last six months I have got more and more confidence happening riding brakeless and I just NEEDED TO SHARE THAT FIXED HAS FUCKING CHANGED MY LIFE - NOTHING LIKE IT IN THE WORLD - ATTACK THE ROADS - WHAT A RUSH!!!

You know that feeling - That stupid grin and that knowing know that you own the road and the need for more road, more tram tracks, more trucks, more everything as long as you can pelt along?? I can’t explain but I know you all know…


Sometimes it’s just like that :slight_smile:

And sometimes it’s 25k home into a howling southerly pelting with icy rain (like I’ll be facing into about 15 minutes from now) wishing I hadn’t put that one-tooth-smaller cog on the back last weekend… :cry:

(is that tiny violins I can hear?)

Man, that was freakin’ hard. If I wasn’t full of piss and vinegar and purple rage at the office wanker’s latest antics I would never have got home. Add a flat tyre in Hampton to the mix (the back tyre of course - I thought gatorskins were everything-proof??) and I’m all dosed up on character for the rest of the week.

one of the messes up here said ages ago to me that he was going to get a fixie cause i was always grinning like an idiot when i was riding.
he’s right tho. usually i am.
a bad day on the bike beats a good day of most everything else.

Amen to that, brother.

Man, that was freakin’ hard. [/quote]

You said it, then put muppets driving cars into the mix, gusty/gale force headwinds, then you get carnage. Accidents everywhere. Although going up Centre Rd, popped into my LBS and get handed a Beam ‘n’ coke…past experience fades away. Accept for the wet/cold shoes the next morning.