Have you seen this frame? (Stolen)

Gentlemen (and ladies) when I got back to my dilapidated sharehouse after Christmas someone had stolen the blue 60cm generic frame (had no markings or brands on it just a few stickers), the accompanying fork, and the track handlebars (looked like pista bars but I’m pretty sure they weren’t), before I got a chance to sell them. If anyone finds them they can have them for $20. I’m half hoping it was one of my 15+ housemates so I can knock one of the selfish cunts out before I abandon the place.

Hey mate… posting a picture of the bike and the city you live in might help.

Yea totally forgot about that I live in Brisbane, West End to be exact. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the bike :frowning: they left the suicided wheels though.

Yeah mate, that description really doesn’t help much. Without a picture or more identifying markings I say your first point of call should be your housemates and associates before the internets.